Seven Saint

Man ...
I so admire. somehow,  he looks perfect  in my eyes.
Man ...
frankly, I don’t know him. I only know at a glance about him. I know it from the virtual world, from friends him. apparently, how he was, who he is, descendants of whom, I do not know. so, you must be wondering why I so admire him?. sure.

Starting from cyberspace friendship site. I became acquainted with him accidentally and not directly.
I like his writings the following pieces of the novel. he was trying to collect, and writing the novel was his own creation. first read the novel, I feel normal. but, little by little I began to understand the contents of the novel. I feel ... could not say a word. my mouth is locked to describe how a novel can change the view of my life. could change myself. Initially I could not believe it. but that was it. without commenting on the novel I can conclude that the author is a soft-hearted but wise.
somehow, every piece of his novels to read, I seemed to understand what he feels. and suddenly, the tears fall without my knowing it. I cried.  words in writing his novel hit my heart. I fell in my consciousness.
how I feel .. what he wrote is describe about him.
since then, I always waited for his writings. waiting for further novels. though I do not know when he will formally publish his novel's. but I always said I would wait. Waited until his heart is ready to publish the novel. And I'll be the first fan. I will comment first. 


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