Nothing ?

Lately I'm a little dizzy. many of the problems being faced by me and my family. 
I'm really confused by it.
there is no place the complainant. there is no place to turn for help. 
it's because since childhood we were never close to the family of the mother or father. 
not why, not us arrogant, but somehow we see each of them do not trust to keep the family secret. we became a stand alone now. 
not want to vilify them, but that's reality. they were not good enough for us.

now I'm dizzy thinking about the problem of "economic" family since the half year ago, not finish yet. it's because my brother has not worked aka unemployed.
It made my family financial hardship. 
before he works, this problem will not be completed. 
I hope Allah SWT gives the best path for us all. 



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